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3 Compelling Reasons to Remodel Your Pool

Category: Blog
December 12, 2019

Swimming Pool

Like most things, your pool too requires routine maintenance to keep it clean and prevent it from falling into disrepair. Even if you go the extra mile, given enough time, you’ll have to make minor or major remodeling changes to your pool.

You may have purchased your home with the swimming pool already in. Chances are, it’s an older home with an older pool. It may not have been THE reason you bought the home, but it’s definitely A reason. Pools add aesthetic beauty and, of course, fun to your home.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 3 compelling reasons why now’s the perfect time to remodel your swimming pool.

It’s Showing Signs of Damages

The most obvious signs are peeling or cracks on the pool plaster or missing tiles and loose coping. Over time, your pool is subjected to ultraviolet rays, harsh weather, and exposure to strong chemicals that can cause severe damage to the surfaces.

Most cosmetic repairs are pretty simple unless they’ve been ignored for a while. Then those simple repairs may be hiding some deeper underlying issues that could be unsafe for swimmers or cost you a lot more later if left alone. The key is to repair peeling and chipping early so that the repairs are minor.

It Looks Outdated

If your pool was constructed or renovated a few decades ago, chances are it’s looking somewhat dated. If you purchased a house with an existing pool, you probably just accepted the design—even if it wasn’t your taste. As your preferences and family size change, you may want to remodel your pool to fit your lifestyle and needs now.

Basic renovation enables you to add new surfacing, tiles and coping. You may want to add water features or a heater and additional lighting.

It Lacks Modern Features

Pool technology has come a long way in recent years and homeowners don’t have to spend a fortune to install modern features. Common examples include energy efficient heaters, more effective pumps, swimming machines, and lighting solutions that allow you to dim the lights and even change their color.

There are even products on the market that make cleaning and maintenance jobs easier and lead to considerable cost-savings in the long run. Most of these features don’t require major construction work, but they make owning a pool more worry-free.

Pool Construction

Contrary to popular belief, pool remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive.

Church Pest and Pool Services offers affordable swimming pool renovation Katy TX services. We can help you with both minor and major renovations to make your pool look like new. Contact us today for more information.