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Blog : Top Tips Pool Experts Want You to Know About This Summer
September 24, 2019

Pool season isn’t over yet! With record high temperatures, Summer heat can last well into the Fall so there’s still plenty of time for you to have fun in the....

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Blog : Pool Repairs That Require Professional Attention
September 16, 2019

Homeowners in Houston love swimming pools. They are a common feature in all homes.   The wide range of designs and materials available nowadays has made it easier for homeowners to install....

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Blog : The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Filters
September 13, 2019

Did you know that the state of Texas requires homeowners and commercial establishments to use a filter for swimming pools? Pool filters keep the water flowing through a system that cleans....

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Blog : Termite Swarming – What to Do If You Get Air Raided?  
November 17, 2018

We don’t have a black heart except when it comes to killing rodents and insects that can damage property and make our customers sick. Termites in Houston are one of....

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Blog : Winter Pests – What You Can Do to Stop Them?  
October 18, 2018

As the cold weather invades our area (and then, of course, retreats, then invades again…) you’ll find that winter pests in Katy, Sugar Land and the Houston area, from mice....

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Blog : What should I do with my pool during freezing temperatures?
October 3, 2018

When the temperature drops pool owners shouldn’t worry if water freezes across your pool’s surface. Your main concern should be with your pool pipes and equipment. If your pool equipment....

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Blog : Call Church Pest & Pool Today – Do You have a Mouse or Rat Problem?
September 17, 2018

Beyond roof rats: How to know how bad your rodent issue is. When the weather gets cold, mice and rats will invade your attic looking to stay warm. While they....

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Blog : Inground Pool Repairs – What are Some of the Most Common Pool Repairs?
September 11, 2018

We all love our swimming pools and repairs are just part of pool ownership. As you can imagine, leaking air and water—whether from a pipe or pump—cause most of the....

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Blog : Why a Fall Pest Control Program? Because Pests Call Your Home, “Home.”
August 23, 2018

With Fall upon us, it’s time to prepare for the insect and pest invasion with a fall season pest control plan. As Houstonians usher in the cooler weather, there are....

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