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Expert Pool Cleaning Means Worry Free Pool Ownership

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March 4, 2020

The swimming pool cleaning services industry has seen a dramatic growth rate in recent years and is expected to increase even more in years to come. While some people continue to attempt to do it themselves, others understand the opportunity cost of hiring a professional who can do a much better job than they can—and keep up with it on a regular basis.

Here’s why professional pool cleaning services is better than doing it yourself.

Pool Cleaning

Opportunity Cost

When you add up the hours that it takes to clean and maintain your pool, you could be doing other things. Think about how much you earn every month, divide by 4.3 weeks and divide that by 40. This gives you an hourly wage. Now multiply that by the number of hours you spend on your pool. Chances are, you can earn more money doing your job rather than spending it on your swimming pool. This is a much easier calculation if you’re a professional like an attorney or accountant that has a billable hourly rate.

In the end, even if you think you can manage pool cleaning on your own, do you really have the time? Pool cleaning isn’t complicated, but it can be tedious. At the end of the day, you work hard, so would you rather be relaxing by the pool instead of working on it?

Keep Your Pool Clean

You’d be surprised to learn of all the potential health hazards associated with a dirty pool. In fact, even seemingly clean water may be full of contaminants, putting you and your loved ones at risk of illnesses.

Cleaning your pool yourself may help you get rid of the obvious impurities, but a trained pool professional can test and treat your pool water the right way. And they show up every week without fail. The experts from a professional pool cleaning service can treat your water ensuring that it’s safe and sanitary for everyone using your pool. With a professional’s industrial-grade cleaning tools, equipment, and strategies, your pool water will not only look clean, it will be clean.

Keep Your Pool Chemicals in Check

In addition to water cleanliness, you also need to maintain the pH level of your pool. This means it needs to be checked for chlorine, algaecides, and other chemicals that maintain the water’s pH level.

Homeowners aren’t typically familiar with the pH balancing techniques used by professionals. This means that you can add too much or too little of certain chemicals, causing the water to be unfit for swimming.

Incorrect doses of these chemicals can lead to algae or bacteria growth, affecting your swimming experience. This is why professionals check your water regularly and adjust the chemicals accordingly.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

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