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Top Tips Pool Experts Want You to Know About This Summer

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September 24, 2019


Pool season isn’t over yet! With record high temperatures, Summer heat can last well into the Fall so there’s still plenty of time for you to have fun in the sun in your backyard pool before the weather gets too cold.

Here are three things to keep in mind as you prepare to maximize your pool time.

1. Clean Out Cosmetics & Oils from the Water

Summer means lots of sunscreen, tanning oils, and body lotions. While you need these products to avoid getting sunburned or drying out your skin, here’s the problem: they seep into the pool water along with natural oils from the skin, contaminating the water. They can potentially create a foul “pool smell” and  pollute the water, which causes the pool filter to not perform to its full potential.

So, how can you make sure your pool water isn’t getting saturated with these chemicals and natural oils? First, make sure guests shower before jumping into the pool. Showering first can eliminate a lot of oils and chemicals from skin. But we understand that that’s not always possible. Your pool cleaning service can test your water and add the right kind of chemicals to treat your pool and get it clean again.

2. Don’t Drain Your Pool Yourself

Picture a green pool with dirty water and debris settling on the bottom. Draining it completely and starting all over again with new water is the obvious solution, right?

Wrong! Even if your swimming pool is dirtier than it’s ever been before, completely draining it is a dramatic last resort step – especially doing it yourself. If you do it wrong, you could damage the entire structure of the pool and its equipment. That’s because the weight of the water inside holds the pool in the ground. If you attempt to drain the water, it can cause the pool to lift out of the ground. If this happens, you’re in for some serious pool repairs or even a replacement!

Legs in Water

Instead of draining your pool, make sure you cover these bases first:

  • Make sure you clean your pool filters regularly
  • Remove pool toys and floats as well as sunken debris from the bottom
  • Regularly test and balance the water chemistry

If you don’t have time to clean your pool yourself, reach out to a professional pool cleaning service Houston. However, if your pool needs to be drained, hire trained professionals to do it right and for the right reasons.

Check Up on Pool Maintenance & Repairs

Forget about entertaining guests in your back yard if your pool is dirty.  Keep your pool safe, clean and fully functional by making sure the equipment is maintained and working properly.

For instance, pool pumps and pool seals are among the most common parts that require replacement or repair, depending on how often you use your pool. Similarly, some pool filters need to be replaced every few years to keep the system from malfunctioning. Be sure to check up on your pool heater before you fire it up for the cooler months to make sure there aren’t any issues that need to be taken care of.

A professional swimming pool repair and maintenance service can help you keep your pool maintained and take care of any needed repairs.

Ready to make a splash this summer? Church Pool Services  can help you with all your chlorine or saltwater in-ground pool cleaning and maintenance!

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