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Why a Fall Pest Control Program? Because Pests Call Your Home, “Home.”

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August 23, 2018

With Fall upon us, it’s time to prepare for the insect and pest invasion with a fall season pest control plan. As Houstonians usher in the cooler weather, there are ways to get ready for unwelcomed guests like cockroaches, insects and, yes, rodents.


What Do Pests WANT!?!

Whatever pests that are outside during the fall months, they are all looking for three things:

  • Water– every living thing needs it and they’ll find it in your home.
  • Food– whether you leave it out or throw it away, they eat what you eat.
  • Warm air– when it’s cold outside, rodents and insects want to cuddle up —especially when it’s mating season.


Unfortunately, many pests survive the winter months because your home gives them refuge. They’re looking for easy access to resources for survival. A fall pest control plan and treatment can make it difficult — and hopefully fatal for them—to set up their home in your home.

A Fall Pest Control Plan That Works

If you don’t have a pest control program, get one. Pests are an issue in Houston all year round and the latest treatments mean you don’t have to be victim of a pest invasion. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or, in other words, it’s best to mount a pest prevention plan rather than a pest eradication plan.

Your Fall Pest Control Program for Insects

Flying, crawling, creeping insects—no matter how they get around, they need to go. In Houston, most fall insect pests include cockroaches, crickets, ants, and wasps. But don’t forget stink bugs, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, and American cockroaches who are just trying to get warm when it’s cold outside.

Whatever pest control company you hire, make sure their treatment takes care of the wide variety of insects that invade homes in the Houston area. The key to controlling insects is establishing a barrier – or perimeter – in combination with two kinds of pesticides:

  • Contact pesticides which kill exposed pests on contact.
  • Time release pesticides which kill hidden pests over time to prevent future invasions.


Your Fall Pest Control Program for Rodents

Rodent prevention should be part of your fall pest control program. Like the Aesop’s fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper, rodents are like the ants in the story. Fall is their opportunity to put food away for the winter and where’s the best storage facility? That’s right, your home.

When looking to prevent a rodent issue in the fall, look for remedies that include:

  • Rodent traps (glue, humane, or inhumane) that will trap rodents keeping them from crawling into your walls and dying a very foul (order) death.
  • Sealing up any gaps in your home like attic vents and holes in your siding.

Rodents—especially roof rats—are clever, so you have to stay one step ahead of them. It’s important to have a pest control professional assess your home for issues that may give rodents an opening.

Get Your Home Ready for the Fall Pest Invasion

Make sure your fall pest control program is thorough so that you’re casting a wide enough net across the various insects and rodents that can invade your home this time of year. Depending upon your area and infestation, Church Pest & Pools can create a custom fall pest control program that’s based upon the pests specific to your area and how they’re invading your property.

Our standard program covers most insects, but we can customize a program to cover rodents and other critters for an additional charge. Schedule your assessment today.


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