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Winter Pests – What You Can Do to Stop Them?  

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October 18, 2018

As the cold weather invades our area (and then, of course, retreats, then invades again…) you’ll find that winter pests in Katy, Sugar Land and the Houston area, from mice and rats are trying to come into your home to keep warm. But because it takes a while for the cold weather to stay, Houston homeowners still need to worry about the warm weather pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, ticks, fleas, silverfish and earwigs.

Winter Pests Don’t Like Cold But Are Okay With Cool

Rarely does the temperature in the Houston area drop below 44 degrees, but once the cold stays, the winter temperatures will drive rodents inside. Granted, our winters aren’t nearly as severe as those in the Northern and Northeast United States, but everything is relative—they don’t get our blistering hot, humid summers… but we digress.

Mice and Rats Make A Pink Bed in Your Insulation

We all hate rats and mice, but the Houston area also sees larger varmints like possums, squirrels and other furry creatures burrowing in the warm, soft, fluffy insulation in your attics and walls. They’ll pop out to grab a snack in your pantry, looking for open containers of food there or for dirty dishes left in the kitchen sink. Or worse, they’ll make themselves at home and open up a package of Twinkies and go to town.

Since the winters are fairly mild, we don’t get the extended freezing temperatures that would drive critters into hibernation like other areas do. Rodent pests are constantly breeding year-round, and their activity increases during the winter months.

Rodents are dangerous because their incessant need to chew can cause damage to various parts of your home, from pipes and electrical wires to wood beams that support your roof and walls. They’ll also contaminate your kitchen, as they may be carrying bacteria, fleas, ticks and mites that cause disease and illness.

Roaches Still Come Out on Cold Nights

Cockroaches are active year-round too and hide away during the day only to creep out at night. That’s how they stay undetected for a long time and show evidence of their existence only after they’ve gone back to their hiding place for the day.

You’ll notice that they’ve been in your kitchen or pantry because they leave small roach droppings and eggs. Sometimes you’ll see baby roaches crawling in your cabinets when you open them up. These little beasts are dangerous because they thrive in sewers and septic tanks and then crawl around your kitchen where you prepare and serve food, leaving dangerous pathogens everywhere.

They’re relentless in other places in your home, too. They’ll crawl around your bathroom, on your toothbrush and even in your bed, leaving bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing residues in their path.

Termites Are Still Going to Eat Your Walls

Termites are dangerous for another reason: They can cause costly damage to your home. Feeding off the wooden support structures, termites travel in herds of thousands, so they don’t take long to burrow into your walls and ceilings, weakening these structures. And they do it quietly and discreetly, to the point where a lot of homeowners don’t notice anything until their floor drops or their wall buckles.

The bottom line is, pests don’t belong in your home, and you need to keep them at bay. The pest control experts at Church Pest & Pools know how to detect, diagnose and treat whatever pests invade your humble abode and keep them from coming back. Call us and let us set up a winter pest control program.