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How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Category: Blog
March 23, 2022

Seasonal maintenance seems like a never-ending responsibility for pool owners. Now is the time to remember how refreshing and fun your home’s pool is—especially in the summertime. It’s time to get to work on the necessary steps to keep your pool in great shape and ready for Houston’s hottest months.

Beautiful women relaxing in swimming pool on a sunny day

Houston’s premier pool maintenance experts have a pool maintenance program to help you keep up. The professional service technicians at Church Pool Services say the ideal time to begin summer maintenance is when our outside temperature reaches 70 degrees in the daytime. They also note that your pool’s cover can remain on until the water’s chlorine adjustments are stable and the water is filtering clear.

Here are a few other hints to get your pool ready for summer:

  • Remember that it’s best to leave your pool full when not in use over the winter months
  • Always clean out your pool’s baskets to help keep the water flowing
  • Clean your pool’s filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Test your water for mineral, calcium content, alkalinity, pH level, and chlorine level, and add the proper amount of chemicals to keep them balanced.
  • Use a plastic chlorinator for chemical tablets to keep chlorine levels up
  • If leaves are still falling into your pool, be sure to clean your baskets daily so the filtration pumps don’t struggle
  • Add chlorine routinely to support the advisable level
  • Restock your pool testing strips
  • Remove the pool cover
  • Vacuum debris from the bottom of the pool


Remind your family that pool preparation takes time. Whether you use liquid chlorine or other products, pool users need to wait until the chlorine settles to a stable and correct level before entering the pool. This process can require up to one week, depending on your pool’s unique variables.

You could do all of these things yourself, or you can make sure they’re done right by calling the pool maintenance experts at Church Pool Services. They provide Houston-area pool owners with worry-free, dependable, and professional weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services that allow you to enjoy your pool year-round. They bring all of their own equipment and chemicals, and they can maintain and repair all of your swimming pool’s equipment—any make and model. Call them to schedule an appointment today.